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Executive Presence



Have you ever been in a room where, when a person walks in, all eyes are drawn to him/ her? They carry within them an air of leadership, authority and charisma. When they start talking, you know immediately that this person is in charge. What is it that makes you feel this way? Is it something in their stride or in their manner of speaking?

Being a good leader requires more than just knowing how to do your job!

Most senior leaders have proved their technical skills, several functional skills, business acumen, and all-around smarts to get to a certain level of success in an organization. What many need is Executive Presence to push them to the top of their game. It is such an important characteristic that a study conducted by the Center for Talent Innovation, a non-profit research organization in New York, surveyed 268 senior executives who said that, it makes up 26% of what it takes to be promoted, However 81% executives are unclear on how to build on their Executive Presence.

Executive Presence is the “secret ingredient” that makes one leader stand out from the rest. As stated by Fortune Magazine, executive presence is “the ability of the leader to engage, align, inspire, and move people to act.”

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