“ Every contact we have with a customer influences whether or not they’ll come back. We have to be great every time or we’ll lose them. ”
– Kevin Stirtz

Is improving customer experience worth it?

  • 74% of people say ‘word of mouth’ is a key influencer in purchasing decisions
  • 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated
  • Customer Experience Management is growing 22% per year globally
  • 89% of companies compete on the basis of customer experience; up from 36% in 2010

External audit to measure customer experience using Think ether app

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Customer Data
  • Highly critical to make data-driven decisions to improve customer experience.
  • Crowd sourced mobile workforce who conduct customer experience audits
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Industry Personalized Reports
  • Customized audit questionnaire to suit the industry specification, customer persona and store requirement.
  • Tailor-made questionnaire to address the need of the hour.
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  • On-demand customer audits by the mobile workforce
  • Issue tracking in the app based audits
  • Fixing the identified issues in the ongoing trainings
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  • Credible data collected by the brand’s TG
  • Actionable data delivered to brand on real-time basis
  • Regular audits to maintain consistency in the reports
Custom icon Over 1,20,000 mobile workforce
Custom icon Store / region level customer experience data
Custom icon Real-time pulse of brand operations
Custom icon Track all issues until closure

Internal audit to measure employee engagement using Think ether app

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Quality Control Mechanism
  • Task / Visit allocation roster for field force
  • Escalation Matrix
  • Geo-checkin, Media proofs etc.
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Advanced Analytics
  • Hierarchy based custom reporting
  • Power BI Integration
  • Real Time Visibility
  • Correlation between key business metrics like sales / footfall / CX index / NPS etc on a single dashboard
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Ease Of Access
  • App based reporting for field force
  • Real time access to individual outlet / city / state / regional / national data for management
  • Hierarchy based access control
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Close Looping
  • Critical alert email mechanism
  • Issue fixing mechanism for last mile stakeholders
  • Feedback and coaching loop
  • Issue / Challenge platform
Custom icon Dashboard for history check
Custom icon Real-time critical e-mail alerts
Custom icon Improved data collection quality
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Management dashboards to drive improvement

Training support to drive the iconic CX

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Professional grooming & etiquette

Control and accountability for your customer experience

  • Professional dressing & grooming
  • Appropriate greeting and farewell to customers
  • Body language
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Customer centricity

Set a common target for the entire team

  • Design the experience
  • Empower the front line
  • Understanding your customer
  • Objection handling
  • Handling feedback
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Increase your sales with up-selling

Coaching to drive higher sales through the art of

  • Recommendation
  • Suggestion
  • Questioning
  • Paraphrasing
  • Using different closing techniques
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Spread best practice

Applaud and reward top performers

  • Learn from them – Spread their insights and best practices to other team members
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Improve store by store

Witness greater customer engagement & loyalty leading to larger spend per customer

  • Consistent technical support across all locations
  • Re-enforcement through regular coaching across all stores
  • Hand holding for the duration till learning converts to behavior

Case Study

A Pharmacy retail chain aspiring to enhance their Customer Experience

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  • To get an understanding of the shopping habits of a shopper for a medical store
  • To understand the key drivers and preferences for this retail format, expectations and values associated.
  • To motivate sales staff to increase customer engagement and customer loyalty.
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  • To gather complete market information, we used mystery audits as well as interviews.
  • An important aspect of the study was to understand the overall shopper experience, duration spent on shopping, size of the basket, amount spent, their preferences and key drivers to spend on items other than medicines like skin care products, etc. The study was spread across 30 cities spanning Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities.
  • Internal audits to keep a track of Quality control mechanism with Geo-check-ins, Media proofs, Hierarchy based custom reporting, Critical e-mail mechanism & Issue / Challenge platform.
  • Coaching and Facilitation provided to the sales staff for the following key objectives; customer centricity, professional grooming & etiquette, communication skills, objection handling & taking feedback.
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  • Increase in spend per customer per visit.
  • Improved customer loyalty for the brand.
  • Increase in sales of shelf products along with medicines.

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