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Nilabh Banerji
AVP – Marketing, Corporate Sales & Customer Service at Biryani Blues

It has been a pleasure to work with Pallavi, wherein Think Ether handles our social media mandate. Pallavi is an ace Trainer too. Her pleasing, positive personality and professionalism make her stand out from the rest. Wishing her all the very best in her future endeavours!

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Mekhola Ganguly
Seasoned HR Practitioner with a streak of People Passion

An Industry Expert and possesses immense knowledge about Image Consulting. Our team benefitted a lot through the session conducted by Pallavi. It really has made a difference !

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Soumyadipta Banerjee
Director at Harkisan Mehta institute of media research & analytics

Pallavi takes care of an area which very few people have an expertise in. She is one of the best subject experts I have seen. But that is not the best quality about her. The best quality about her is unmatched professional attitude, accommodating last minute requests with a smile and her punctuality. I wish her a long and successful career.

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Jonathan D’souza
CHRO & Head IT at Logistic Integrators

Pallavi has been associated with my organization for the past 2 years. Her ability to curate the intervention to meet our contextual needs and yet appeal to our teams is simply awesome. Her program on understanding the business behaviors and building a success mindset is well remembered by the participant’s months after the classroom intervention ended. We look forward to collaborating with her on more such creative learning programs.

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Sudeep Kastwar
Partner at Winner CFO LLP

I, Sudeep Kastwar, as a Virtual-Chief Financial Officer, referred Pallavi Datt to one of our clients – Mr. Prakash Agrawal – for his personal training to enable him to handle public fora. Pallavi’s response in connecting with my client as well as holding training sessions was lightning quick. The feedback from my client was very encouraging, especially the professionalism with which it was handled. I would continue to recommend Pallavi to more of my contact sphere with pride.

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Shubhang Chaudhary
Entrepreneur based in Africa

It gives me immense pleasure to be given an opportunity to write a testimonial for Think ether.
I feel that personally I have been able to change my thought process to a certain extent. We all human being’s are living with certain thought process which we think that we all are right in our own way. But we continue to make the same mistakes often resulting in negative results. What we humans need to understand is that we have been programmed in a certain way since our childhood and the way each of us behave, Think, Act is result of the same. Its time we change our subconscious and become better individual’s.

I think this is where Think ether has personally helped me overcome my thought process which was not giving the best results and gave an in-depth analysis of why I am the way I am or why someone else is the way he is? I give this credit to Pallavi Ma’am and her team for showing me different aspects of my life which I was not aware of and getting to know myself better as an individual. How many of us know ourselves any better? It’s time we learn more about ourselves and become better individual’s. It’s time we think about Think ether which is Beyond our imagination.

– With lots of love & regards.

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Kanak Pansari
Pansari group of Industries

There are some people who can have a transformative effect on you within a few moments of meeting, Pallavi Datt has had that kind of an impact on me. She has a very intuitive understanding of human psychology and furthermore focuses on using positivity as a way to empower the individual. The level of compassion and empathy that Pallavi has for those who seek her counsel is unbelievable. She doesn’t have to work to build trust and open up channels of communication, one just naturally feels the need to do that with her. The holistic and persistent approach with which Pallavi tries to deepen your perspective and lead you towards the path of self-empowerment really helps the individual to evolve as a human being. There are a very few people who truly personify “servant leadership”, the selfless Pallavi Datt is undoubtedly one of them.

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Hiren Mehta
Founder & CEO at Sunrise Fin Serve Pvt. Ltd

This is Hiren Mehta CEO / MD of Sunrise Finserve Pvt Ltd Mumbai, we are retail loan Syndication Company we help client to acquire a home loan, Business Loan and mortgage loans through various banks and financial institutes. We have availed the Services of Think Ether for the Behavioural (A-B-C) training for the employees. She holds a great command over the ABC (Appearance, Behaviour & Communication).

Her training not only helped the employees to achieve their personal goals but also helped achieving their professional goals. We highly recommend the services of Think Ether to our clients.
We will continue to avail the services of Think Ether in near future.