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Time Management


Maximize your Time to Maximize your Productivity!

“Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else” – PETER DRUCKER

There are so many things to do that your ability to prioritize your tasks may be the most critical determinant of what you will achieve in life.

Most people today are overwhelmed with too much to do and have very little time. And as we struggle to get caught up, more tasks and responsibilities just keep flowing in.

So how to manage time better? How do you to find those extra crucial minutes?

Here are some points on managing time wisely to increase your productivity:

1.Prioritize: Getting your priorities right is essential to make correct decisions. Set your vision & goals and prioritize your tasks as per them. Start with the bigger tasks first!Be done with the most difficult thing you have to do for the day.

2.Procrastinate creatively: You can’t do everything at once. Something’shave to be put up for later. Therefore, deliberately and consciously procrastinate on small tasks.

3.Plan and Schedule: Plan your day in advance and schedule a time period for a particular activity or task. Make work appointments with yourself and have the discipline to keep them.

To begin with you can start with one and by practicing you will become a master at Maximizing time.

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